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The Metro Area Professional Organization is composed of professional and para-professional communities. These volunteers use their time for planning and securing help for those who need guidance in order to achieve a well-rounded life through the use of tools; religious, secular, educational and social networking. Membership dues are $50.00 per member.

Board Members

  • Dr. Dorothy Owens, Consultant, Founder

  • The Late Rev. Dr. John Q. Owens, Consultant, Co-Founder

  • Mrs. Vergia A. Burrell, Executive Director, Website, Tech

  • Dr. Henrietta Young, President, Grants, Scholarships

  • Mr. Butch Mestemacher, Vice-President, Entertainment, Outreach

  • Bishop George Hayes, Ecumenical Coordinator, Scholarships

  • Mrs. Gussie Glasper, Secretary

  • Dr. Tiwana Simmons, Treasurer

  • Ms. Brenda Larnell, Communications/Cheer/Tech

  • Ms. Brittney Blackwell, Journalist

  • Mr. Scott Marion, Journalist

  • Ms. Brigitte Thompson, Tech, Springfield Outreach

  • Mrs. Marian Hoskin, Outreach Coordinator

  • Mr. Andrew Bailey, Outreach

  • Ms. B. Louise Forney, Springfield Outreach

  • Mrs. Sharon McAlister, Scholarships-Outreach

  • Mr. Willie McAlister, Scholarships-Outreach

  • Mr. Tejas Sekhar Prabhakar, Outreach

  • Ms. Linda Conners, Tax Consultant  

Honorary Members

  • Illinois State Senator, Rachelle Aud Crowe, 56th District

  • Illinois State Senator Christopher Belt, 57th District

  • Katie Stuart, Illinois House of Representatives

  • LaToya Greenwood, Illinois House of Representatives

  • Judge R. Zina Cruse,20th Judicial Circuit Court State of IL

  • Mayor David Goins, Alton, Illinois

  • Mayor Patti Gregory, Belleville, Illinois

  • Mayor John Miller, Collinsville, Illinois          

  • Mayor Robert Eastern, III, East St. Louis, Illinois

  • Former Mayor Alvin Parks, Jr., East St. Louis, Illinois

  • Mayor Art Risavy, Edwardsville, Illinois

  • Mayor Michael Morrow, Grafton, Illinois

  • Mayor Herb Roach, O’Fallon, Illinois

  • Mayor John W. Hamm, Madison, Illinois

  • Mayor Craig Short, Maryville, Illinois

  • Dr. Randy Pembrook, Chancellor, Edwardsville, Illinois

  • Rev. Gary McCants, Presiding Elder A.M.E. Church

  • Mr. Art Holliday, KSDK, Channel 5 Newscast

  • Mr. Walter Williams, President NAACP, Edwardsville, Illinois

  • Mr. Mark Mestemacher, Co-Founder of Ceres Consulting

  • Rev. James Harrell, President NAACP Madison, Illinois

  • Dr. Sunitha Thanjavuru, Medical Consultant

  • Mr. Sekhar Prabhakar, CEO CEdge

Members at Large

  • Ms. Mary Jane Forney, Springfield Outreach

  • Mrs. Joyce Hairston, Retired Educator

  • Ms. Regina Hamilton, American Airlines

  • Ms. Vanessa Harris-Marion, Outreach

  • Ms. Sejal Sekhar Prabhakar, Outreach

  • Mrs. Connie Stephens, Outreach

  • Dr. Delmar Tegmeier, Retired Banker

  • Mrs. Carmen Rubio, Outreach

  • Mr. Eldrick Rubio, Outreach

For more information regarding membership, please email

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