The Metro Area Professional Organization is composed of professional and para-professional communities. These volunteers use their time for planning and securing help for those who need guidance in order to achieve a well-rounded life through the use of tools; religious, secular, educational and social networking. Membership dues are $50.00 per member.

Honorary Members

  • Illinois State Senator Rachel Aud Crowe, 56th District

  • Illinois State Senator Christopher Belt, 57th District

  • Mayor Mark Eckert, Belleville, IL

  • Former Mayor Alvin Parks, Jr., East St. Louis, IL

  • Mayor John Miller, Collinsville, IL

  • Former Mayor Larry Gulledge, Maryville, IL

  • Mayor Brant Walker, Alton, IL

  • Mayor John W. Hamm, Madison, IL

  • Mayor Hal Patton, Edwardsville, IL

  • Dr. Ed Hightower, Retired Superintendent, Edwardsville School District 7

  • Rev. Gary McCants, Presiding Elder A.M.E. Church 

  • Mr. Art Holliday, KSDK, Channel 5 Newscast

  • Mrs. Betsy Bruce, Channel 2, Fox News

  • Mr. John Cunningham, President NAACP, Edwardsville

  • Dr. Robert Daiber, Madison County Regional Superintendent

Board Members

  • Dr. Dorothy Owens, Consultant, Founder

  • Rev. Dr. John Q. Owens, Consultant,  Co-Founder

  • Bishop George Hayes, Ecumenical Coordinator

  • Dr. Henrietta Young, President

  • Butch Mestemacher, Vice President/ Entertainment

  • Gussie Glasper, Secretary

  • Dr. Tiwana Simmons, Treasuer

  • Becky Mestemacher, Programs

  • Ms. Vanessa Harris Marion, Membership Coordinator

  • Mr. Sekhar Prabhakar, STEM/Education Consultant

  • Mr. Leonard Cruise, Education Representative

  • Mrs. Vergia Burrell, Tech/Ads

  • Sharon McAlister, Scholarship, Fundraisin

  • Mr. Jamar Golliday, Mass Communications/SIUE Students

  • David and Marian Hoskin, Outreach

  • Dr. Sunitha Thanjavurn, Outreach 

  • Ms. Connie Stephens, Advertisement Coordinator

  • Mr. Lenell Neely, Host and Hostess


  • Pat Adams

  • DeMario Bell

  • Senator James F. Clayborne Jr.

  • Betty Cunningham

  • Kay Dimon

  • Joyce Hairston

  • Joyce Hayes

  • Brenda Hurst

  • Merlie Kirchgessner

  • Earl McDowell Jr.

  • Warren and Donna Schenewerk

  • Deborah Sidener

  • Gary Swalley

  • Kimberly Hoskin-Westcott

                Members at Large

  • Honorable Judge Jennifer Hightower

  • Regina Hamilton, American Airlines

  • Joyce Hairston, Retired Educator

  • Dave Snider, Principal, Collinsville High School

  • Pastor Jackie Havis-Shear, UMC Immanuel Methodist Church

  • DeMario Bell, Principal

  • Leonard Cruise, SWIC Representative